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The Cystic Fibrosis Fitness Institute (CFFI) goal is to help CF clients jump start their exercise program. Through diaphragmatic breathing exercises and a combination of strength, endurance and flexibility training, we can help improve quality of life in individuals with CF. Our mission is to help create awareness through “Knowledge in Motion”. Knowledge in Motion is geared to help educate clients on ways to kick start their exercise routine and give them roadmaps to help them reach their goals.


Dr. Richard Moss

Pediatrics - Pulmonary MedicineStanford University

“Exercise is an important element of well-being for everyone, but it is especially crucial for people with CF, as regular exercise has been shown to not only be a life-enhancing activity but also a way to slow down the progression of CF. The key is regular practice in the context of knowledge about the best way to exercise for each individual, and that requires not only self-awareness but ideally the help of an expert. Taylor, as a trained exercise physiologist, has taken the time and made the effort to learn how best to help people with CF help themselves, and to motivate an ongoing commitment to regular exercise.”

Julie Desch

CF Athlete

“I've worked with Taylor and his programs for almost two years now, and I have nothing but positive things to say. As an "old CF warrior," I have had to work through several injuries in addition to occasional exacerbations which set me back to--well--zero. I'm used to this, and now Taylor is too! He is completely understanding and can adjust your program as needed. His programs are interesting and always contain cutting edge insights (like breathing drills to improve movement). He is genuinely passionate about helping people with CF and has great ideas about how to use exercise and breathing to improve health. From following his programs I've seen increases in strength on numerous measures, I've improved movement, I've recovered from painful, medication induced tendonitis, and I've added some tricks to my treatment regimen. He's the real deal!”

Dan John

Fulbright Scholar

"Taylor Lewis astounds me. Few people in the profession spend more time, energy and capital expanding their knowledge like Taylor. His concept of continuing education inspires me to dig deeper every day. Moreover, he is also an outstanding "hands on" coach with a interesting mix of clients. He could be more famous by bragging about his professional baseball clients, but he rarely discusses them. His true passion is with the CF community and he stands alone in his approach to assisting these people with strength training. He is breaking ground and "leading from the front" with his insights on using traditional weight training to impact cardiovascular health. It is an honor to be his friend."

Zachary M. Sellers, MD, PhD

Stanford University School of Medicine

"There have been remarkable advances in therapeutics for CF, leading to improved and longer lives for those affected. In order to take full advantage of the benefits these therapies bring, it is important for patients to integrate good nutrition and regular strength and conditioning training into their lives. Given the wide variability in patient health and abilities, it is vital to work with exercise specialists with insight into the unique challenges of those with CF. Taylor Lewis is a well-qualified exercise specialist, training everyone from weekend warriors to high level athletes, who has now embarked on developing CF-specific training programs. His focus on postural optimization, complimentary muscle synergy, and client-specific needs set him apart."

Anna Modlin, 35

CF Double Lung Transplant 2010

"Working with Taylor has helped me gain a lot of strength. He is very technical in his instruction and provides the proper exercises to help you reach your goals. My performance and strength has increased since working with Taylor. His focus on positional breathing has also helped to increase my pfts slightly. It has been great to see the benefits of exercise!"

CF Exercises

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Taylor Lewis has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Exercise Specialist for over 9 years. He received a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and went on to get certified as Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), Postural Restoration Trained (PRT), Functional Movement Screen Level 2 (FMS), Russian Kettlebell level 2 and a Dan John Black Belt.

After leaving Sonoma State University after four years as the SSU Baseball strength and conditioning coach he went on to start the Academy of Total Performance in San Rafael, CA. He developed peer relationships with premier Strength Coaches including: Dan John (Strength Coach and consultant to multiple MLB teams and military personnel) and Eric Cressey (consultant for New Balance, multiple professional MLB teams and owner of Cressey Sports Performance), who have been his mentors since 2011. Mike Boyle (owner of MBSC), Sean Skahan (Anaheim Ducks Strength Coach), Brad Jellis (Dallas Stars Strength Coach), Mike Potenza (San Jose Sharks Strength Coach) and Marin County’s Bobby Aldridge.

After many years of working with athletes he couldn’t get away from helping patients with Cystic Fibrosis. He started to focus his time on improving the quality of life in patients with Cystic Fibrosis. He is currently working with researchers at Stanford Medical Center to develop structuralized fitness programs on the quest to find a cure for CF. He presented his masters project at the 2016 NACFC on improving the quality of life of an individual with CF with strength training and positional breathing exercises. He continues his professional career striving to help educate and inspire clients with CF on ways, through exercise, to improve their quality of life and help make a difference in the World.

Taylor E. Lewis



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